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Sun, Aug. 22nd, 2010, 01:50 pm
intracellular: Petition

Now, I know this comm is a bit on the dead side, but I figured anyone who lurks who is still a fan of Crash would appreciate this.

This is made up of very recently discovered (thanks to LXShadow and JumpButton at Crash Mania) concept art and animations from former Radical employees, for a Crash project due to be released in 2010. However, Radical suffered huge job loss back in February, and the game was presumably cancelled.


We, the fans of Crash Bandicoot® (the Undersigned) would like to share some short backstory and make a request to Activision Blizzard / Activision Games, Inc. (The Requestee). Please read ahead for details.

If you have come across this petition, it likely means you're well aware of the canceled Crash Bandicoot® game that was in production at Radical Entertainment, presumably from 2008 to the Radical layoffs in February 2010. Over the past two years since the release of Crash Bandicoot®: Mind Over Mutant™, Activision has released two games for the iPhone/iPod series of devices. The fans of Crash Bandicoot® have been waiting, however, for what they assumed would be a console title by Radical Entertainment in the fall of 2010, after one did not release in 2009. However, in February of 2010, Radical suffered major layoffs, and it was assumed that the Crash team at Radical and any Crash related project of theirs was canceled. When April, a month famous for being the announce date for Crash Bandicoot® games, came and went without an announcement, and the months slid by... it became obvious this was true.

Finally, in August of 2010, Crash Mania user LXShadow and Crash Mania moderator and interviewer JumpButton came across some webpages containing *readily available* concept art and animation reels from former Radical employees, which showed concepts, characters, animation tests and two individual cutscenes from the canceled game (referred to from this point as "Crash Bandicoot 2010"). In almost an instant, the fandom at large was in an uproar, posting hate messages in the direction of Activision, claiming Activision to be making a terrible mistake, and condolences to Radical Entertainment, who lost an entire team and a game over it. The fans almost unanimously seem to enjoy the art style and concepts within, specifically the character designs.

It is believed that thanks to the stylistic look and old-style character designs that even a fan who had become dissociated with the series over the newer designs would be enticed by the new game, but since the game never released, it cannot be said for sure.

As such, we, the Fans who love the Crash Bandicoot® series of games and media, humbly request by show of numbers, affection and exposure that:

1. Activision (The Requestee) allow a developer to continue to develop the game in question, Crash Bandicoot 2010, and release it in completed form as soon as possible.

2. During the completion of the game, provide adequate advertisement and marketing for the game to result in the level of sales they desire and/or require."

The petition is here.

The YouTube channel dedicated to this issue is here.

The Crash Mania thread is here.

All of this material looks fecking awesome, and the Crash fanbase is asking Activision to reconsider. If we raise enough noise, maybe they'll listen. Please sign too if you'd like to make your voice heard!

Thank you.

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Tue, Nov. 15th, 2016 01:06 pm (UTC)

This is made up of very recently discovered (thanks to LXShadow and JumpButton at Crash Mania) conce